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Fanfiction: "Found"

A drabble based off the New World Zorro.

Summary: There was an exact moment when Diego starting viewing Felipe as his son.
Genre: (Gen), drabble, hurt/comfort
Character(s): Felipe, Diego
Warnings: pre-series

You gave me a home when I had none. Love when I thought I was lost. I shall never forget you.Collapse )

Good news for New World fans

I just picked this up from the official Zorro website:

Under the cut...Collapse )

Kaiketsu Zorro

Hi, everyone. I decided to post to this community to ask if there are any other fans of the 1996 anime series, Kaiketsu Zorro. I bought the German DVD boxes about half a year ago and have been madly in love with the series ever since, but it's driving me mad that I haven't been able to find any English-speaking fans. It's understandable considering that the series was never properly released in English (I think there's only that excuse of a movie), but I'm curious to know if there are any people who know the series.

I'm a bit of an odd Zorro fan in the sense that I almost always like the villains the best in any adaptation. The same applies this time, but I'm ready to talk about anything related to this series. I'm currently writing a novel-length fanfic about Lieutenant Gabriel, and it's a somewhat lonely job since there is no English fandom and I'm not good enough to write in German. It would be great to discuss the characters and episodes with someone.

Apr. 8th, 2010

I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I remember watching an old Zorro movie. At the finale Zorro (still masked)is standing with his father in a crowd of cheering peons. His father said something like "At last honor has been restord to the sword of the Vegas" and Zorro says "Thank you... father" reveiling his identity. It was definately in color but I can't for the life of me remember anything but that little bit of dialogue.

It's driving me nuts, any ideas?

Jul. 4th, 2009

Sophia Bush, Antonio Banderas, Josh Holloway, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emmy Rossum, Sean Bean, Jared Leto, Joss Stone, Zac Efron

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Title: 'Annoyance'
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Characters: Wellington, La Marquesa and a surprise guest. :D 
A/N:  This is a crossover with Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series. I used the timeline from Allende's Zorro.

Link to the fic  at my LJ.

LOST [5x15 Follow the Leader]
Johnny Depp
Elisha Cuthbert
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Antonio Banderas
Adrian Alonso
Olivia Wilde & Sophia Bush
Hugh Jackman
Ryan Reynolds
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